The following projects are examples of complex systems. The projects was developed based on modern communication and security technologies. They are in use worldwide.

Internet Access Point IAP (Radiocommunication)

IAP is a proven radio communication solution for the basic provision of telephony and data services and is particularly suitable for applications which are aimed at providing communication to large numbers of subscribers quickly, effectively and independently of other systems such as wired networks or mobile phone systems.

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LiMAX (Radiocommunication)

LiMAX is a radio transmission system for point‑to‑point or point‑to‑multipoint applications. It is used for cable‑free transmission of broadband data over long distances. Computers, routers and/or modems of any kind can be connected to the Ethernet interface made available by the LiMAX terminal.

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Digital Extended Line DiTEX (Radiocommunication)

DiTEX is a radio system solution – the alternative to wire – which is able to provide remote estates and settlements, located outside of the coverage of mobile phone networks, with an economical option for telephone and Internet.

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Firewatch (Videomonitoring)

Firewatch is a terrestrial, digital remote surveillance system for the early detection of forest and bush fires. It is able to provide permanent monitoring of larger forested areas and to inspect these for signs of smoke development.

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BorderControl (Videomonitoring)

BorderControl is a modular designed complex system for monitoring national borders. It can be optimally adapted to the specific conditions of the user. The modular structure of different sensors, modern communications technologies and central wiht control and storage can be used effectively for problem solving. A management system for online monitoring of the functionality of all the system equipment is content of the system.

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