Digital Extended Line DiTEX (Radiocommunication)

DiTEX is a radio system solution – the alternative to wire – which is able to provide remote estates and settlements, located outside of the coverage of mobile phone networks, with an economical option for telephone and Internet.

By means of this solution, providers have a system technology at their disposal, which allows for rapid network extension, that can be specifically installed for access by selected user groups and which is extremely economical, even for a limited number of subscribers. In contrast to cable‑laying, radio solutions usually go hand in hand with significantly lower installation costs, regardless of the distance (maximum 50‑100 km, depending on the topology of the terrain).

By means of the DiTEX radio system, end customers are provided with a variety of different services to choose from: telephone connection including fax and direct Internet access via Ethernet. The available bandwidth (data rate) is dynamically allocated: the lower the telephone traffic, the higher the usable Internet data rate. The radio system works in the lower UHF range and is therefore able to achieve an excellent radio range and is even able to function during shadowing caused by obstructions (no direct line of sight).

There are three different products available within the DiTEX family. Each respective product is effective for different system sizes, data rates and numbers of subscribers per sector:

  • DiTEX 4ab for narrowband data rates up to 80 kbps and 4 subscribers
  • DiTEX 256 for wideband data rates up to 300 kbps and 250 subscribers
  • DiTEX E1 for broadband data rates up to 2 Mbps and bundled connections (Ethernet or PCM/E1)

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