LiMAX (Radiocommunication)

LiMAX is a radio transmission system for point‑to‑point or point‑to‑multipoint applications. It is used for cable‑free transmission of broadband data over long distances. Computers, routers and/or modems of any kind can be connected to the Ethernet interface made available by the LiMAX terminal.

Due to its low power requirements LiMAX can also be operated by means of alternative power supplies such as wind and solar energy or fuel cells.

The LiMAX system is available for operation in the ISM frequency band at 2.4 GHz. In many countries special operational approval (frequency license) is not required for this frequency range. The data rate is configurable up to approx. 500 kbps, whereby a good compromise can be established between interference resistance, range and the required data rate.

The LiMAX 3000 system is intended for a data rate of up to 4 Mbps (aggregate throughput uplink+downlink), whereby a configuration for symmetrical or asymmetrical traffic requirements can be established. The system operates in free TV channels in the 800 MHz range (“digital dividend”) and is a very effective solution for the provision of remote subscribers and/or closing gaps (“white spots”) with xDSL services.

LiMAX is also used in our system for the early detection of forest fires, FireWatch, to enable data communication between the optical sensor / camera system and the central control office.

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