BorderControl (Videomonitoring)

Securing the borders and the movement of people and goods, including transit traffic is a sovereign function of the state. Specifically, the following areas are to control and secure:

▸ surveillance of land border
▸ sea surveillance / coast
▸ monitoring, control and ensure the safety of border crossing points
    • Passenger (airports, railways, seaports, roads)
    • freight (import, export, transit).

The specific conditions and needs in national and international docu- ments stipulated, eg. EU, USA, ICAO for airports, seaports for IMO.

Major constraints are:

▸ length and nature of the border sections
▸ territorial framework
▸ number and location of forces is
▸ response time of emergency services.

Targets are:

▸ Professional smugglers
▸ border violators
▸ immigrants without legal documents.

It is to ensure continuous observation during the day and at night. Each system is adapted to the specific territorial and typical operating conditions.

System components

▸ The System "Border Control" is a modular system for the monitoring of land and sea borders, including the centralization of all information and action sequences.

▸ The system includes sensors, communications technology, evaluation technology, including modern signal and image processing method, and a network management system (NMS) to monitor the functionality of all processes.

▸ Through the use of various components and processes and their individual adaptation to the specific conditions of use is achieved an optimal solution for the user.

Each system includes:

▸ Different sensors with integrated signal and image processing (pre-processing).
▸ A complex communication system with different channels and quality of service for wired and radio-based transmission.
▸ Command & Control Center in several categories (C2 or C3)
▸ Network Management System - NMS
▸ technology to prevent theft, damage and destruction of equipment.
communication links to the ground

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