Internet Access Point IAP (Radiocommunication)

IAP is a proven radio communication solution for the basic provision of telephony and data services and is particularly suitable for applications which are aimed at providing communication to large numbers of subscribers quickly, effectively and independently of other systems such as wired networks or mobile phone systems.

In contrast to traditional copper wire connections, there are significant advantages to wireless radio coverage in urban as well as rural areas, if the cable‑laying is too difficult, too expensive, too slow and/or not flexible enough. Unlike mobile radio communication systems such as GSM and 3G/UMTS, IAP provides a significantly higher capacity for telephony services, a simpler infrastructure (base stations) and increased possibilities of implementing provider and customer‑specific performance features.

Due to the realisation of an integrated, broadband service platform, up to 4,000 subscribers and up to 180 parallel, simultaneous phone calls can be facilitated per base station sector. Therefore IAP is ideally suited for the provision of large radio cells and entire regions with telecommunication services.

Basically end customers can be provided with standard telephony services including familiar supplementary services, as well as fax and voice band modem. Furthermore, a data service is available for a direct Internet access (up to 300 kbps per subscriber).

To meet the requirements of small businesses, offices and apartment houses, special multiport terminals have been provided that include several parallel telephony interfaces which can be used simultaneously. The interfaces are all compatible with the full range of standard terminals.

IAP is suitable for alternative network operators as well as for “greenfield” investments, particularly as project‑specific adaptations such as operation in customized UHF frequency bands are possible.

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