Firewatch (Videomonitoring)

FireWatch is a terrestrial, digital remote surveillance system for the early detection of forest and bush fires. It is able to provide permanent monitoring of larger forested areas and to inspect these for signs of smoke development.

The pre‑processed sensor data from the locations is transmitted to a central control office. This is followed by a menu‑driven display and evaluation of all the incoming data. Due to the application of advanced detection procedures and a high degree of automation of the entire system, operators are, as a rule, able to evaluate data in several sensor locations at once.

If the source of a fire is identified, the operator triggers a fire alert. By triggering this alert the respective fire department additionally receives specific geographical data about the source of the fire, which can be precisely determined by means of a cross bearing.

The system is excellently suited for the protection of ecological systems and cultural landscapes and for making a substantial contribution to environmental protection and the prevention of natural disasters. Whereby it is clearly evidential that global carbon dioxide emissions can, as a result, be dramatically reduced.

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