1972 - 1979 Manager of Department Beucha of the "Instituts für Technische Untersuchungen (ITU)" - Berlin (Erläuterung)

The "Institute for Technical Investigations" - Berlin was operated by the "Ministry for State Security" and was subordinate to the "Operative Technical Sector".

At the time of my activity, it had 3 development positions:

- Beucha branch near Leipzig with research and development, production,    plant construction, administration with approx. 150 employees
- Cost center 430 - Berlin with approx. 30 employees;
- Cost center 470 - Berlin with about 20 employees.  

The Beucha branch office worked on the following areas:
-    Radio surveillance and radio reconnaissance technology, consisting of antennas (directional antennas, omnidirectional antennas, camouflaged antennas, e.g. planar antennas), antenna amplifiers (base point amplifiers, distribution amplifiers), receivers with different bandwidths and demodulators, radio direction finders, peripheral devices,
-    reception systems for agency connections,
-     special technology,
-    vehicle equipment,
-    Prototyping and small series production.

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