1950 - 1958 school attendance "Bernsdorfer Schule I" - special school for russian language

1958 - 1962 high school "Karl-Marx-Oberschule" Karl-Marx-Stadt with a high school diploma

1964 - 1969 Studies in the field of high frequency technology at the TU Dresden. Graduated in radio frequency engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Dresden in 1969

1969 - 1972 Then research studies in the field "Radiocommunication " in the department of Prof. Dr. Ing. habil. Fritz Wiegmann with a theme "Synchronization of Data Transmission Networks ".Graduated in 1973 with the degree " Dr. Ing ."

1972 - 1979 Head of the Department of the "Institute of Technical Studies (ITU ) Berlin " 

This department wars significantly involved in the development of modern radio reception technology in the VHF and UHF range of the RGW countries . The focus is on radio monitoring and radio direction finding for the specific radio services of the countries of Warsaw Union Radio Security Services ( FAD) are developed and manufactured in small to medium series.

1979 - 1981 Chief Engineer in the "Operational Technical Sector".

The technical Department of the Ministry of Homeland Security. In this responsible for research and development projects in the field of "Special Communications and Special Equipment for Radio Intelligence" and "Technologies for Security".

1981 - 1989 executive director of research , development and production patterns in the field of electrical / electronics in the ""Operational Technical Sector"

From 1981,  In 1985, completion of the Promotion B with the academic title "” with thesis on " Adapted Method of Wireless Communication Technologies" Technical University of Dresden. The content of the work related to the use of optimal reception method for radio monitoring and direction finding .

During this time Reviewer for Promotion A (Dr. Ing.) and Promotion B (Dr. sc. techn.) at the TU Dresden, Technical University Ilmenau Technical University of Karl Marx Stadt, Technical University Warnemünde, Technical University Mittweida. At the same time in this lecture at the University of Potsdam and optionally at the Technical University of Ilmenau .
From 1990, as a project manager and development manager at TADiCOM GmbH, Jenoptik AG KRONE Communications GmbH and responsible for the development of wireless local loop systems.

In 1999 by a "Management buy out" the foundation "IQ wireless GmbH " as a development company for:

  • Wireless technologies and modern equipment technology for wireless systems
  • Systems of telematics in transportation

  • Systems and equipment of security ans safety technologies.

Areas of expertise are :

  • Projects in the area of security and safety - definition of projectsdevelopment of requirement profilesproject management
  • stochstische processes in the telecommunications
  • optimal filtering in wireless transmission technology
  • signal detection and signal analysis
  • spread spectrum technologies
  • access technologies ( FDMA , TDMA , CDMA, SDMA )
  • wireless technologies in the local loop.
  • wireless technologies for satellite communication